004 Who we are as exhibition collective

We are an exhibition collective of three individually practicing artists, named after studio number 004 where we coincidentally met and presented our works during the Borgerstraat Open Studio Exhibitions, a side program to the Art Rotterdam since 2015.

Some might know us also as initiators and organisers of the Borgerstraat Publication Collective with annual publishing activities including booklets, newspaper and digital publishing formats between 2015-2019.

004 The idea of our exhibition collective

In a "mode of complementation" (Modus der "Ergänzung" of "aanvulling") we engage, long and reach for re-definition of already realized concepts of our different individual artistic practices. To reset and engage the works for re-opening of formerly drawn singular conclusions. To distil a common, relational and intermediate (in-between) space.

004 Who we are as individual artists

Kathrin Wolkowicz // Kathrin Wolkowicz works with text and image in the field of video, film, book and installation. Usually, the text that she writes forms the base for her works that circle around memory, identity and desire.

Heyer Thurnheer // Heyer Thurnheer’s work consists mainly of drawings, text-materials, object- installations and films that are based on a reflective process of self-forming as a personal societal conduct.

Dagmar Baumann // Being a painter, Dagmar Baumann is focussed on the gesture as subject of the image. It is the fascination of her own handwriting that provides the source for her painterly idiom.